Baxter and Bailey began in 2012, so we’re still a youngish enterprise.

But behind the youthful facade lies a reassuring weight of experience. Between us, we’ve worked in the upper echelons of the design and branding business - for leading agencies, small-but-high-profile creative boutiques, and even on the client side - since the mid-90s.

We’re ambitiously small - though growing steadily - and thoroughly enjoying the manoeuvrability and zippiness our independence gives us.

We’re Brighton-based, working with clients here in the UK and internationally too.

And however big or small the challenge, we throw the kitchen sink at producing work with real substance and impact - mobilising brilliantly talented collaborators from our network, as and when necessary.

Over the years, we’ve done a huge amount of work in areas such as architecture, design and the arts. But these days our clients are a diverse bunch, with little more in common than a belief in the power of good design. They range from blue chips to start-ups, orchestras to charities.

Here’s what we offer our clients:

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Brand communications
  • Brand environments

If you have a project you’d like to talk to us about, we’d love to hear from you.

How we work: 4D design

It’s tempting for design and branding companies to invent complicated-sounding methodologies, to make what they do for clients sound more impressive, or distinctive.

But, to be honest, our process is pretty similar to most of our competitors’. It’s the creative vim and strategic vigour we bring to it that make the difference...


Matt Baxter
Creative Director

In short

Matt is a massively experienced designer, right at the top of his game, having learned a thing or two over 22 years working for some of the UK’s most highly rated brand design companies.

In the past

Matt started at Trickett & Webb, then worked internationally with Melbourne and NYC-based brand design studio 3Deep, before returning to London for five years as creative director and partner at 300million.

In particular

Matt’s worked for all kinds of clients all over the world. Favourites include Land Securities, The Body Shop, Orchestre de Paris, the Edinburgh International Film Festival, The Weinstein Company and the Australian Ballet.

In the industry

Matt has written for Design Week and The Drum and has judged design awards for D&AD and Design Week. He’s given talks and workshops at LCC, the University of Northumbria, the Cass and Middlesex University and run portfolio surgeries for D&AD Newblood.

In his spare time

Secretly writes and draws comics for kids, for titles including Titan’s Doctor Who and the amazing weekly The Phoenix Comic.

In three words

Let’s get cracking.


Dom Bailey
Strategic Director

In short

A member of that extremely rare breed, the multiple-award-winning-designer-turned-strategist-and-client-before-starting-his-own-design-company.

In the past

After four years at The Partners, then the UK’s No 1 brand design consultancy, Dom co-founded 300million in 2004, going on to join one of the agency’s clients - Russian mobile internet company Yota - in a strategic role, with responsibility for the development of the brand.

In particular

In a 20 year career, Dom’s worked extensively in the private and public sectors, for clients including: McKinsey & Company, London Business School, Design Council, London Symphony Orchestra, University College London and the Lawn Tennis Association.

In his trophy cabinet

Dom has picked up numerous awards for creativity and design effectiveness, including: Marketing Design Awards, Google Awards, Forbes, New York Festivals and Royal Society of Designers (RSA).

In his spare time

1 small business + 2 young kids + charity trustee = zero spare time.

In three words

First things first.


Rory Brady

In short

Rory is a passionate and talented designer with over ten years experience in the industry. He believes in great ideas executed simply and beautifully.

In the past

Graduating from Central St Martins in 2003, Rory worked at a number of London design studios before joining multi award-winning Hat-trick Design in 2010 where he became Design Director. He upped-sticks in 2016 to start a new adventure in his home city of Brighton with Baxter and Bailey.

In particular

Rory’s been lucky enough to work with many great clients over years. Highlights include brand identity projects for Prostate Cancer UK, Imperial War Museums, Wimbledon Tennis and Williams Racing. He has designed over 30 commemorative stamps for the Royal Mail.

In the industry

Rory has helped to win a number of design awards including: D&AD, Design Week, Brand Impact and Benchmarks. He has given talks on graphic design and brand identity to university students from the UK and overseas.

In his spare time

Builds Lego and Playmobil cities and zoos with his two daughters.

In three words

One step beyond!


Emma Grencis

In short

A hungry and adaptable designer, following a carefully-planned path to the top.

In the past

Emma threw herself into the world of design at University, leaving with a First-class Honours and a prestigious D&AD Award nomination. After cramming-in postgraduate experience at more than half of London’s top ten design companies, she was snapped up by Baxter and Bailey who reassuringly loved ideas as much as she did.

In particular

Emma’s first years with Baxter and Bailey have dropped her in at the deep-end: her very first BB project was for a New York-based client, working on a branded interior at a French location with a German build partner. A geographic challenge she took in her stride.

In the industry

As a design graduate, Emma was one of a small number of students chosen by D&AD Newblood to take part in a career development programme.

In her spare time

Frequent runner, occasional scrabble player, sporadic baker.

In three words

Don’t always follow rules.


Design intern

In short

You’re a brilliant designer, right at the start of your career and ready to explore the world of work.

In particular

You’ve just graduated from University with a great degree in graphic design or communication design. Or perhaps you’re part-way through a design degree course. Either way, you’re ready to sample work life in a real studio with real clients and real projects.

In detail

You’re looking for a six week paid placement in an award-winning brand design studio. You’re ready to dive into real project work: ideas generation, design concepts, workshops and internal presentations. You’re not afraid to work hard and are ready to prove that you’ve got what it takes to be a great designer.

In three words

Totally switched on.

Our clients

In print:

Our work has been featured in a number of design books since our launch in September 2012.
These include:

Published by Victionary

A Smile In The Mind
Published by Phaidon

MIN: New Simplicity in Graphic Design
Published by Thames and Hudson

Los Logos 8

To be published by Gestalten