Brand identity

Lobster are shopper media scientists, the boffins of the sector. They use their knowledge, insight and experience to uncover new and innovative strategies and campaigns for their clients. What sets Lobster apart is their use of technology: they share that knowledge, insight and experience in a bespoke software package, enabling clients to improve their own strategies and campaigns and to track the results, putting the insight into the hands of their clients. When considering the brand identity for the new start-up, we knew we had to snap up this gift of a logo idea: literally a lightbulb moment. For the wider visual language we kept things bold, simple and clear, intentionally at odds with the visual noise of the retail environment. A black and red beacon in the fish-eat-fish world of shopper media.

What we did

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Brand communications
  • Creative direction

Who we collaborated with

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“To create our new brand, we wanted to find a partner that was as talented at design and communication as we feel we are at media and technology. We had a strong feeling from our first meeting that Baxter and Bailey would be the right company and so it proved. They took the time to really understand the essence of our business rather than just the surface, and crafted an identity that the Lobster team are proud of and our clients love.”

Joel Hopwood
Managing Director,

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