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Visual identity

As part of one of the world’s great universities, Oxford University Press has a well-established global reputation as a leader in education. But with an evolution from its traditional publishing background towards a much broader offer – which now ranges from digital resources, to school improvement programmes and consultative expertise – the OUP Education UK division was struggling to clearly communicate this wider and more diverse offer. We helped them to clarify a more distinct brand strategy and then brought this strategy to life through playful creative messaging, all geared around their key audiences: learners, teachers and parents. With the addition of a vibrant, eclectic approach to illustration and an equally vibrant colour palette, we aimed to show the heart (and soul) of this much-loved brand.

What we did

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Brand voice
  • Brand communications
  • Creative direction

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“We’re a diverse and multifaceted brand with a rich story to tell. The team at Baxter and Bailey helped us to articulate that story brilliantly, delivering a suite of versatile, meaningful and heartfelt messages. We can now tell our story to all of our audiences in a genuine and engaging way.”

Heather Atkinson,
Marketing Director, OUP Ed-UK

“Baxter and Bailey are that rare combination of clear strategic thinkers and hugely creative doers. It’s a combination that ensured our visual identity project was built on rock solid strategic foundations but was beautiful and vibrant too. The design team here at OUP Ed-UK are delighted with the result.”

Kate Kunac-Tabinor,
Design Director, OUP Ed-UK


The new visual identity was introduced to the OUP Education UK division during an interactive on-boarding session we facilitated in Oxford. Our new guidelines have now been taken up by the entire OUP Education UK in-house design and marketing teams.

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