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We love funny books, don’t you? But did you know that recent research by publisher Scholastic showed that children are more likely to read a book if they think it will be funny? Which is where This Book Is Funny comes in: they help parents, booksellers, librarians and teachers point young readers towards books which will make them laugh. Or chortle. Or guffaw. Their blog features book reviews, reader recommendations and a podcast, all designed to help kids connect with funny books. We helped children’s author Alex Milway right from the scheme’s inception, creating a suitably silly, squiggly logotype which can be found beaming from the front covers of funny books in libraries, schools and bookshops all over the country. A project with a smile at its heart.

What we did

  • Brand identity
  • Brand communications
  • Moving image

Who we collaborated with

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“Baxter and Bailey captured exactly what was required for the This Book Is Funny identity. Their solution was striking, working well when blown-up on our posters and, most importantly, it was powerful and clear when tiny on stickers. Ultimately, the logo they designed was not simply a part of the This Book Is Funny campaign, it was the campaign.”

Alex Milway
Children’s Author and Founder,
This Book Is Funny


The cross-publisher campaign got posters and stickers into over 120 schools and libraries up and down the country, with teachers, librarians and children stickering books, and getting fully involved in the funny side of reading.

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